Magnetize My Message (Course)

Your message.

  • It's what communicates your value to your ideal clients.
  • It's what shares your soulwork with the world.
  • It's an expression of your gifts and talents.

When your message is magnetic, it attracts your ideal clients to you naturally. (When it's not, you struggle to attract those you desire to serve.)

As a coach or healer, communicating your value can be... complicated. You do transformational work with your clients, and it can be hard to condense that into words. Let alone words that truly describe what you do in a way that your ideal clients understand!

Introducing Magnetize My Message™

Magnetize My Message was created to help coaches and healers distill your transformational work into words that connect with your soulmate clients.

Through this 8-module self-paced course, you will be guided through a process of:

  • Understanding the unique value you provide, so you know what makes you stand out
  • Connecting to your soulmate clients, so you can better understand what they want and need from you
  • Creating a long and short form core message based on my 3 Ps of messaging (Purpose, Promise, Process)
  • Uncovering what makes your message magnetizing (it's not just the words, but the energy behind them!)
  • Learning exactly where and how to share your core message

Magnetize My Message isn't just a template or a formula.

This course is a guided journey to help you uncover the key pieces of your messaging and weave it all together in a way that feels authentic to you -- and attracts your dream clients.

Included in the modules, you'll find guided journaling exercises, guided meditations, and specific steps to create your core message, along with a checklist of where to share it.

This was created for creative, soul-centered, purpose-driven entrepreneurs who do big and powerful work in the world, and want a way to more easily talk about it.

Magnetize My Message is a self-paced course

This is a self-paced course for coaches, healers, and creative and holistic entrepreneurs who want to communicate the value of their work in a way that reflects who they are and attracts their dream clients.

You can complete the course in one sitting if you'd like or do it as you wish. (It takes about 2 hours). As this course is best taken in a step-by-step format, completion of each module will unlock the next module.

You're encouraged to have fun with this course, be creative, and let go of any need for perfection. This is all about expressing yourself in your business -- in a way that connects with those you can best serve.

Are you ready to magnetize your message?

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8 Modules

What is Messaging and Why is it Important?

In this first module, you'll get an overview of the course and learn why messaging is important.

Distilling the Essence of What You Do

In this module, you'll learn how to clarify what *exactly* you do for clients, in your unique way.

Connecting to your Soulmate Clients

In this module, you'll connect more deeply to your soulmate clients so you understand what needs and desires you can fulfill through working together.

Building the Bridge

In this module, we'll create the bridge between you and your soulmate clients.

Alchemizing Your Message

In this module, we'll put it all together. You'll work through my framework to create your own core message.

Magnetizing Your Message

In this module, we'll talk about magnetizing your message and integrating it into your business.

Integrating Your Message into Your Business

In this module, you'll learn how to integrate your **new** long form and short form core messages into your business.

Evolving Your Message

In this module, we'll discuss how your message can evolve over time and identify your next steps.

Modules for this course 8
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