Unleash My Niche (Mini-Course)

Are a coach, creative, or holistic service-based entrepreneur struggling to define your niche?

  • Do you choose a niche, only to get FOMO and choose another one?
  • Do you feel you’re too creative and multi-passionate to choose a niche?
  • Do you want to help everyone and fear that niching will leave people out?

I know… You’ve filled out a ton of ideal client avatar templates, but they just haven’t resonated with you.

  • You keep hearing that you should niche, but you simply can’t seem to find the right niche for you.
  • You wonder if you can be successful without niching.
  • You’ve been in business for a while and have been waiting for that “aha” moment where you finally know your niche.

But your niche hasn’t revealed itself to you. And you haven’t been able to decide on a niche and stick with it.

If that sounds familiar, Unleash My Niche is for you!

This isn’t a typical niching course.

I’m not going to ask you to fill out an ideal client avatar exercise.

I’m not going to tell you to “just pick one.” (Believe me, I know that doesn’t work!)

We’re going to go deeper into understanding you and who you can best serve, through exercises, meditations, and even MadLibs!

So that you can walk away with niche clarity, and feel ready to move forward.

This mini-course includes:

  • 6 lessons taught by me, with a total of about 45 minutes of teaching
  • Journaling prompts to accompany each lesson
  • A niching meditation
  • Niching MadLibs template

You will walk away with more niche clarity than you've had before -- and a clear direction of where to go next.

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6 Modules


In this module you will learn why you actually want to niche down and how to shift your mindset to embrace niching.

About You

In this module we talk about the most important person to take into consideration when it comes to your niche: YOU!


In this module, we will start thinking of those you can best serve and the most important qualities and characteristics to know about your ideal clients.

Niching Mad Libs

In this module, you'll put everything you've learned together so far in a super fun way... Niching MadLibs!

Attracting Your Ideal Client

The final module is all about being who you need to be to attract those you want to attract!

What's Next?

So you've niched down and you feel great! Here's what to do next.

Modules for this course 6
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